Aurélia Hernandez (UCLouvain) presented her work at the 17th International Conference on Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems, PMAPS 2022 – 12-15 June 2022.

This work is the fruit of a collaboration with Emmanuel De Jaeger (UCLouvain) and François Vallée (UMONS)

The paper entitled “Integration of Power-to-Hydrogen Models in Power – Systems Adequacy Assessments” can be downloaded here: Paper_Sumbmission_PMAPS2022.

In the context of the energy transition, green hydrogen is currently under the spotlight as it is perceived as a promising energy carrier to decarbonize the mobility and industry sectors. As the share of renewable energies in power system increases, so do the uncertainties. As a result, probabilistic adequacy studies have become crucial. This work aims to study the impact of hydrogen mobility demand on power systems adequacy assessment. To do so, an original model of the Power-to-Hydrogen conversion chain specifically tailored for Monte Carlo based adequacy computations is proposed. The results allow to quantify to which extent an additional electrical demand from hydrogen electrolysis will impact the adequacy of a system.