Kévin Bioche presented a work on ammonia/hydrogen/air combustion during the 18th International Conference on Numerical Combustion, held in San Diego, USA (May 8-11, 2022). It discussed notably the selection of appropriate fuel blend composition, operation conditions for premixed combustion systems and kinetics modelling of ammonia/hydrogen/air combustion. Further discussion was provided through the analysis of large eddy simulations of rich combustion in a swirled premixed burner. A focus was made on combustion efficiency, pollutants emissions and influence of pressure on combustion characteristics. 

This work is the fruit of a collaboration with Laurent Bricteux and Julien Blondeau and is part of the federal project BEST. It found a specific echo during this year’s ICNC edition, which dedicated one of the two plenary sessions to carbon-free firing of gas turbines, with a special focus on ammonia combustion.

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