Axel Coussement

BEST Project Supervisor

Professor Coussement, has a PhD Degree from the ULB and CentraleSupelec (France), he was a research
fellow at the IFP-EN in Paris, focusing on HCCI engine control and then at CentraleSupelec, developing
combustion models for rocket engines in a collaborative research project with ESA, CNES and JAXA.
He is now a full time Professor at the ULB and invited professor at the IFP-School and the
His current research activities focus on:
– Experimental and numerical characterisation of new energy vectors in piston engine, including HCCI.
– Optical diagnostics; PIV, LIF, LII in semi-industrial burners
– DNS driven turbulent combustion modelling for RANS and LES.
– Characterisation of industrial furnaces.

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