Martin Colla is doing a 3 months research exchange (march-may 2023) in the CEA Grenoble – I-tésé with Guillaume Boissonnet  (Senior Technical expert -biomass & carbon) in order to study the Energy Return on Investment (EROI) of different biomass feedstock and final uses in France and Belgium. He will collaborate with the team to evaluate and discuss the impact of forestry practices, feedstock transformation & transport on the EROI.

While the EROI of liquid biofuels has been extensively studied in the literature, the EROI of solid biomass is poorly discussed despite the fact that forestry products are the main feedstock for bioenergy; for heat and electricity production (for example with wood pellets which are internationally traded energy products). The objective is to create a collaboration on this topic and also extend the use of the EnergyScope model in their research team by creating new contacts and potential collaborations.