From June 28 through July 2 2021, many researchers of the BEST consortium took part to ECOS 2021 – the 34th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environment Impact of Energy Systems. Among them, some presented their work remotely:

Panagiotis VarelasIs COVID-19 pandemic a “Black Swan” event? The impact of the pandemic on the Energy Market.

Antoine VerhaegheAbsorption-based carbon capture energy penalty reduction for micro gas turbine application: pre-assessment of the impact of appropriate amine solvent and process selection

Martin CollaOptimal use of lignocellulosic biomass for the energy transition, including the non-energy demand: the case of the Belgian energy system

while others went on site:

Paolo ThiranFlexibility options in a multi-regional whole-energy system: the role of energy carriers in the Italian energy transition

Xavier RixhonIntegration of the non-energy demand within a whole-energy system

Gauthier LimpensSystem LCOE: applying a whole-energy system to estimate the integration costs of photovoltaic

This conference has been a great opportunity for the young researchers to present the preliminary results of their work, collect feedbacks from their peers and, above all, foster collaborations with other research groups from Belgium (e.g. ULiège and KULeuven) and the rest of Europe.