Martin Colla attended the 31st European Biomass Conference & Exhibition in Bologna:

He discussed the role of biomass for the transition with experts in different sectors – from feedstock production on marginal lands to conversion into liquid fuel through gasification. He also presented his research into how biomass can broaden our conception of nature to ensure a sustainable future. In his poster, he presented a collaborative and inter-disciplinary work that criticises the modern concept of resource and recognises the interdependence within ecosystems and their limits. Biomass reanchors our needs in their materiality and reminds us that interactions on ecosystems cannot be seen solely through the prism of services and production. Non-humans are not just a decoration to be used for human consumption but are an ally for sustainable prosperity thus they should be treated as such – and biomass is a good place to start. The authors argue that there is an urgent need to redefine our sensibility to the non-humans, the ethics of our interactions and of our own needs which goes hand in hand with a necessary arbitration and debate on the useful and the superfluous final services for humans.