The Fifth Consortium Meeting was held at UCLouvain (OpenHub) on 23 May 2022.


8h45-9h00                   Welcome

9h00-9h20                   Introduction by Hervé Jeanmart and Véronique Dias                                  

9h20-9h40                   “Towards more sustainable mobility practices in Wallonia? A mixed-method research on the boosts and brakes for the development of such practices, and on the company cars system impacts.” by Line Vanparys

9h40-10h00                 “Extreme events and climate change. How did wildfires and other stress events affect the social and policy aspects of the energy transition? A machine learning mass media article analysis” by Panagiotis Varelas

10h00-10h20               “A hierarchical multi-objective reinforcement-learning based optimization” by Xavier Rixhon

10h20-10h40               “Multivariate metaheuristics in nonlinear energy systems modelling: application to the optimal hydrogen supply chain design” by Davide Tonelli

10h40-11h10               Coffee break                                

11h10-11h30               “Validation of Methods to Select a Priori the Number of Typical Days for Energy System Optimisation Models” by Paolo Thiran

11h30-11h50               “Biomass supply chain modelling – Focus on miscanthus for industrial heat in France & Belgium” by Martin Colla

11h50-12h10               “Impact of Electro-fuels on the Adequacy Assessment of the Belgian Power System” by Aurélia Hernandez

12h10-12h30                “Frequency Support with Flexible Electrolyzers” by Cyril Cousein

12h30-13h00                Discussion on Demand

13h00 – 14h00             Lunch                                 

14h00-14h20               “Performance assessment of carbon capture applied to combined cycle gas turbine under part-load operation” by Antoine Verhaeghe

14h20-14h40               “Experimental Study on Combustion of Dimethyl Ether and its Mixtures with Methane/Hydrogen in a Flameless Furnace” by Saurabh Sharma

14h40-15h00                “Investigating scaling laws for alternative fuelled spark ignition engines” by Ward Suijs                         

15h10-15h30                “Are internal combustion engines ready for hydrogen?” by Yuanfeng Wang

15h30-15h50               “A new tool for uncertainty quantification of emissions from realistic combustion systems” by Matteo Savarese

15h50-16h10               “Experimental investigation of oxygen enriched combustion with methane in HCCI engines” by Sara Spano

16h10-16h40                Discussion on Mobility

16h40                          Visit of the laboratory and Drink