The Fourth Consortium Meeting  was held on 20 October at the ULB, in Brussels: 13 researchers presented their ongoing work. It was a good opportunity to meet and discuss preliminary results and future collaborations.


8h45-9h00   Registration
9h00-9h10   Introduction by Hervé Jeanmart and Véronique Dias

Chairman: Axel Coussement

9h10-9h30  « Application of a hybrid metaheuristic to hydrogen supply chain design » – Davide Tonelli (by Teams)

9h30-9h50  « The Impact of Energy Policies on the Energy Market. The social aspects of the energy transition » – Panagiotis Varelas

9h50-10h10  « Miscanthus for energy on marginal lands in Belgium – economic and energy costs analysis » – Martin Colla

10h10-10h40  Coffee break

Chairman: Francesco Contino

10h40-11h00  « Time series aggregation techniques and evaluation for a multi-regional whole-energy system » – Paolo Thiran

11h00-11h20  « Comprehensive integration of the non-energy demand within a whole-energy system: Towards a defossilisation of the chemical industry in Belgium » – Xavier Rixhon

11h20-11h40  « Impact of Electro-fuels on Power Systems Adequacy Assessment » – Aurélia Hernandez

11h40-12h00  « Modelling of the Impact of the Integration of Electrolyzers on the Electric Power System Dynamics » – Cyril Cousein

12h00-12h30  Discussion

12h30-13h30  Lunch

Chairman: Sebastian Verhelst

13h30-13h50  « Automatic generation and solution of chemical reactor network from CFD data: a newly developed framework » – Matteo Savarese

13h50-14h10  « Carbon capture process improvement for micro gas turbine application » – Antoine Verhaeghe

14h10-14h30  « HCCI methane oxyfuel: numerical and experimental progresses » – Sara Spano

14h30-15h00  Coffee break

Chairman: Ward de Paepe

15h00-15h20  « Experimental Case Study of a Methanol Fuelled SI Engine at Full Load Using a Central Composite Design » – Ward Suijs, presented by Sebastian Verhelst

15h20-15h40  « Combustion of ammonia and hydrogen mixtures in micro gas turbines » – Maxime Remacle

15h40-16h00  « Large Eddy Simulation of rich ammonia/hydrogen/air combustion in a gas turbine burner » – paper in press – Kévin Bioche

16h00-16h40  Discussion and Conclusions (Chairman: Julien Blondeau)