Hervé Jeanmart

BEST Project Supervisor

Professor at UCLouvain since 2004, Hervé Jeanmart is active on several topics related to energy. With his research team, he is studying the energy transition through energy systems modelling. In particular, he is developing, in collaboration with EPFL, EnergyScope TD, an energy system modelling tool based on typical days. Using the EROI (Energy Return On Investment) as a metric, he studies the worldwide potential of renewable energy; making also a link between energy and economy. At component level, Hervé Jeanmart is active in the thermochemical conversion of biomass, mainly small-scale gasification including a strong collaboration with Burkina Faso for the development of a local technology. At a more fundamental level, he is active in combustion kinetics of oxygenated compounds and synthetic fuels. This includes an experimental approach on low pressure burners, the study of combustion in HCCI engines and the development of kinetic models.

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