Kévin Bioche is a postdoctoral researcher in the field of energetics in the teams of Julien Blondeau (VUB) and Laurent Bricteux (UMONS). His research field includes numerical simulations of turbulent and reactive flows for energy and propulsion applications.
Kévin graduated from the INSA Rouen Normandy engineering school. He pursued is education with a PhD thesis at the CORIA lab focusing on small-scale combustion chambers flammability limits, investigated by Direct Numerical Simulations. As an assistant professor at the INSA Rouen, he then taught -and still teaches- various topics concerning physics, including turbulence. He recently investigated the use of machine learning procedures in fluid mechanics modelling.
In 2020 Kévin joined the BEST team for a postdoc focused on the use of e-fuel in gas turbines. The project aims to investigate the performances offered by various e-fuels with Large Eddy Simulations.