Panagiotis Varelas graduated from University of Thessaly, in Greece with a Diploma degree in Electrical and Computer Egnineering in 2016. His Master thesis was focused on a computational approach for the comparison of heuristic algorithms in the field of Bionformatics. After his graduation, his interest in the energy sector and European Policy brought him to Brussels to work as a Policy Advisor at the European Parliament for three years following committee of Industry, Research and Energy. He was responsible for a broad range of issues in the field of Energy and the Environment, such as the Governance of the Energy Union and Renewable Energy Sources directive.
He joined the BEST team in September of 2020 for a Joint Phd between ULB and UCL. His work will focus on the Techno-Economic analysis of e-fuel and his goal is to provide the Belgian government with an energy toolbox and guidelines for informed decision-making, aiming to optimize the selection of liquid and gaseous energy carriers, as economically viable solutions for the transition to come.