Aurélia Hernandez attended the PowerTech 2023 conference, in Belgrade (Serbia), June 25-29, 2023.

She presented her work entitled “Integration of Hydrogen In Sequential Monte Carlo Power Systems Adequacy Assessment” (co-authors: François Vallée & Emmanuel De Jaeger)

Abstract: Green hydrogen, i.e. hydrogen produced by low carbon energy sources is a popular candidate for decarbonizing the energy sector. Used as a feedstock, a fuel, or a storage medium, it is most likely to be part of the future energy system. For this reason, hydrogen is the subject of numerous studies. However, its impact on the adequacy of power systems has not been fully studied. This work aims to integrate the hydrogen energy vector within a sequential Monte Carlo adequacy tool based on a multi-period DC optimal power flow tailored for long time horizons (e.g. one year). The proposed study takes into account the hydrogen energy vector by integrating a hydrogen system composed of an electrolyzer, a hydrogen-to-power unit, and a hydrogen storage, in a test system. The obtained results allow to grasp insights on the effect that hydrogen storage, hydrogen demand, and hydrogen imports can have on power system adequacy.