Saurabh Sharma is a post-doctoral researcher at the Aero-Thermo-Mechanical Department of ULB. He got his PhD in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India in 2020. His research was focused on the development of high-intensity MILD combustors for gas turbine applications. During his PhD, he was also involved in an Indo-UK joint research project on the application of novel aromatic based fuels in CI engines. He worked as a visiting scholar at the low carbon combustion centre, the University of Sheffield, U.K. At ULB, his research focuses on the experimental investigation of a semi-industrial MILD furnace operating on advanced fuels such as ammonia, dimethyl ether etc. It involves characterization of combustion reaction zone and temperature and emission analysis.  

In the BEST project, he will be the in-charge of experimental investigations of various new fuels.

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