The Sixth Consortium Meeting was held on 21 December at the VUB, in Brussels. Four researchers presented their work in progress. Advances on the EnergyScope energy model with its uncertainties, on the integration of electrofuels into the electricity grid and on their direct applications (centralized and decentralized) were presented.
In addition, discussion groups worked on the key messages to convey following the results of the projects as well as on the hypotheses of the scenarios to be taken into account.


8h45-9h00                  Welcome

9h00-9h30                  Introduction by Hervé Jeanmart and Véronique Dias

9h30-9h50                  Presentation by Sara Spanó: Experimental and numerical investigation of methane oxy-fuel combustion in HCCI conditions  & Presentation by Saurabh Sharma: CFD Modelling of Dimethyl Ether/Methane/Hydrogen Mixtures in a Flameless Furnace

9h50-10h00                Progress and future work of WP4 by Ward de Paepe

10h00-10h30              Q&A

10h30-11h00              Coffee break

11h00-11h20              Presentation by Aurélia Hernandez: What will be the impact of e-fuels on the reliability of the electrical grid?

11h20-11h30              Progress and future work of WP3 by Emmanuel de Jaeger

11h30-12h00              Q&A

12h00-13h00              Lunch

13h00-13h20              Presentation by Davide Tonelli: Sustainability implications of large-scale green hydrogen production 

13h20-13h30              Progress and future work of WP1/2 by Francesco Contino

13h30-14h00              Q&A

14h00-16h00              Discussions on intermediate key messages