The Workshop, which took place on February 24, 2021 via TEAMS, allowed the H2GridLab project consortium and the BEST consortium to discuss the H2GridLab project.
Indeed, this project aims to create of a National Living Lab to study the practicality of a potential conversion to hydrogen in Belgium with an open ecosystem to foster innovation, a modular concept, with public private partnership, and knowledge gain for both DSOs and TSO to assess the practicalities of the introduction of a new type of energy.
Different aspects to potentially test on site are: Green H2 production, Hydrogen storage, Hydrogen blending and related gas behaviour change, Creation of a micro-grid on site, Sector coupling (mobility, industry).
The final aim is to create a mini hydrogen city!
The objective of the workshop was to discuss the following points:
  • What: End-use application type, Technologies, Micro network design, Infrastructure needed, Interaction between applications?
  • How: Pressure, Storage capacity, Production capacity, Technical specificities?
  • When: When will the testing begin? Is the available area interesting as of today?
  • Why: Academics trends, Potential synergies DSO/TSO + faculties
Agenda of the Workshop:
  • Presentation of the H2GridLab and objectives of the workshop by Bruno Deremince, coordinator of the H2GridLab project
  • Brief presentation of the BEST project by HervĂ© Jeanmart, coordinator of the BEST project
  • Three parallel working groups
  • Synthesis of the working groups and discussion
  • Conclusions