A workshop has been organised on ‘Energy system modelling for the (Belgian) energy transition’ between the universities of UCLouvain and ULiège. In addition, students from KULeuven, UMons and VUB were also present. This workshop was motivated by similarities and complementarities between the energy departments in ULiège (Montefiore and Term) and UCLouvain (MEED and TFL).

The workshop gathered 25 researchers. Two main outcomes were highlighted: open source models is a key to foster collaboration; and ULiège and UCLouvain must join force to work together on this topic.

Some collaborations were highlighted such as using machine learning methods from ULiège applied to the Belgian energy system model (EnergyScope, developed at UCLouvain), implement additional criteria while analysing different scenarios for the energy transition, or even optimise the electrification of the heat demand in households

The workshop was closed by a social event where both universities demonstrated that hard work can be combined with social life!